Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Male modeling dont go plus size

Why are there no plus size male models?

You see, it is true that in the male modeling industry when it comes to males, its mostly about the male body. Why are there no plus size male models?

When was the belly not hot? Yhat is why women own the modeling industry... because they have the option of variety. That sucks!

As a male model, are you gay yet?

Why are 80% of male models gay? You know why?

Cause i do.

Because the male modeling industry is so competitive. Male models are constantly comparing themselves to other male models who might just look a little better and with that your constantly in competition with other male models.

This means you have men on the brain. lol

I am whiling out but anyway... its true if you are constantly around the same sex and to top it off you in competition with your looks your falling into a female genre and thats why most male models are feminine, flamboyant, and ...gay.

Nicholas Lemons: Can tattoos make or break male models?

nicholas lemons

First I want to start by saying modeling is an art.

Now, today’s discussion: can a tattoo make or break your career in modeling? Well I think it can broaden a male model's career.

For example, the Armani model NICHOLAS LEMONS this guy's whole right side is covered in tats and the most known tat he has is the wing on the right side of his chest. Which Armani always seems to show that side of his profile in pictures. So he made it his trade mark.

He has claimed his spot because once you speak of an Armani model with a wing on his chest, the first person you think of is Nicholas Lemons no doubt about especially if you are an Armani fan ...such as myself

so what do u think, can a tattoo make are brake your career in modeling?

Stay in the art
By Carl Napoleon

Monday, July 24, 2006

Movie Zoolander: Not Originally a Movie

The movie Zoolander which is about a self obsessed male model was originally a short film featured at the 1996 VH1 Fashion Awards. It was such a big hit at the 1996 Fashion Awards that it became a movie. It was half written by Ben Stiller and Drake Sather, and directed by Russell Bates.

Male Models Salary

Askmen.com talks about how male models don’t make as much as female models do. Askmen.com states, “Although the market has grown for men, women dominate the industry and probably always will.” There are a lot of male models out there but only a few that come to mind on a first name basis. As for female models, there are a lot of models you can name off the top of your head. Unfortunately for the boys, this is just one industry where girls will always rule!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Straight on the Gay Advertising Controversy

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Advertising is one of the biggest factors for any product’s success, so why not include all target audiences, even “the gays”?

Hai Ben Shushan was recently named “Man of the Year” (2003) for Israeli Magazine and can be found in many fashion photographs, including covers for magazines and even a project in Vogue! But a recent ad which featured him endorsing condoms, was condemned in Tel Aviv due to his sexual prefrence! The public transportation company, Dan Bus, refused public display of the ad. They obviously felt that, as a major company, transporting over 600,000 thousand citizens on a daily basis, supporting a gay advertisement would be entirely to risky.

Such controversy is not limited to foreign places. It has also been prevalent right here in the United States of America! BMW, Subaru, and Volvo have all encountered relevant issues, but each practiced varied approaches. Subaru and Volvo have both embraced the gay community by creating advertisements aimed directly at their audience. On the other hand, BMW refuses to follow the open-minded techniques. Despite their marketing in the gay communities, the BMW North America company is unwilling to provide domestic-partner benefits for their GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) Employees.

Such actions by any country proves that no matter how popular a celebrity may be, or how good or educational the cause may be, if it is too risky or does not embody what a general society deems appropriate, they may face prejudice.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Male Modeling & Acting: Audition Notices Often Are Vague

Whenever a male model who wants to act receives a casting notice or audition notice, the producers put very little information in the audition notice about the production. They might provides "sides" - which are lines actors read at auditions.

Usually, they only list a short amount info for each character they are casting.

For example: "Teddy, 18-24 male, caucasian. Frat boy type. Teddy is the high school jock who learns a lesson about respect after his father dies"

That's it. That is all an actor has to draw upon.

Trouble is: insecure actors and models always ask for more info before they proceed - wanting more details. They say: "I will call you later to get more information".

However, there is no more info.

Producers do not have a vested interest in telling their competition about their production or print campaign - just to "convince" an actor to submit initial pics. If talent do not want to do the job, they can turn it down later - after the producer tells them more about the role.

If you are a beginning actor or model, submit for the role and decide the details later. Asking for details early on makes more work for your agent or manager - and he is likely to tend to push roles in the future to actors who do not make extra work for him.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Male Underwear Packaging Contest Snap That G-String (or Boxer, or Brief, or Short) & Enter Our Underwear Contest

Male Underwear Packaging Contest Snap That G-String (or Boxer, or Brief, or Short) & Enter Our Underwear Contest

In observance of National Underwear Day on August 9, a male modeling website is encouraging shoppers to submit cellphone snapshots of the best and worst male underwear packaging in the United States. Cell phone and digital photos can be sent via Sprint’s Picturemail service to: CampusMen@pm.sprint.com

The male underwear industry has grown substantially since the days when Calvin Klein billboards stopped traffic in New York's Time Square. Many small manufacturers now offer underwear that ranges from strictly utilitarian briefs to elaborate undies that rival Michael Jackson's wardrobe.

Some are pricey and some are cheap and packaging runs the gamut from sexually titilating (obviously aimed at wives and girlfriends who are shopping for their mates) to blue-collar basics (favorites of the white socks and cigars crowd).

Campus Men, a calendar and male modeling resource company that has been making good looking college guys famous since 1990, was amused by the variations it found in male underwear marketing. Photo editors had shopped department stores, closeout bins and dime stores to find the perfect skivvies for Campus Men photo shoots. After seeing such a range of choices, they decided to sponsor a hunt to find the most amusing packaging, as well as packaging that shows the best in marketability.

All snapshots received for the contest will be displayed on the CampusMen.com website at Male Underwear Contest The winner in each category will be announced on National Underwear Day, August 9.

Campus Men, a calendar & male modeling resource company has been making good looking college guys famous since 1990. Campus Men recruits males age 18-26 as male fitness models, fashion models & underwear models. Contest results appear Aug 9 at:

Male Underwear Contest

Photography Reflector boards light male models

photography reflectors
Lightweight boards covered with reflective metallic material are often used at Campus Men's photo shoots as the main light source that lights a male model.

Staff or other male models are often called upon to stand with the board at a particular angle and reflect light from the sun onto the male model. The person holding a reflector board has an important role in the photo shoot. Since the light reflected from the boards is the main source of light for the photo shoot, whomever holds the boards must stand at that exact position throughout the photo shoot, or the photographs can be incorrectly exposed, and possibly ruined.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Male Models Can Get Started in Underwear Modeling through Manufacturers

Breaking into Underwear Modeling

Modeling bookings associated with Underwear modeling are unique because a underwear manufacturer will hire a guy regardless if he is signed with a modeling agency.

While underwear manufacturers often request that modeling agencies submit their male talent, a hot young guy is just as likely to get selected for a campaign if he is who the manufacturer is looking for. The key is to simply get quality snapshots into the hands of the right Underwear modeling decision makers and convince them that you are a reliable and professionally acting
male model. No underwear maker would turn down a hot guy if they knew he was the right fit for their underwear line - simply because the guy was not signed with an agency.

Read more by clicking on this article's headline.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Male Modeling is not the same as male fitness modeling

The male fitness modeling industry is vastly different from men's fashion modeling and offers a more opportunities to "break in". While male fashion modeling is centered around the power of fashion designers, fitness modeling is driven by supplement manufacturers and fitness magazines, with some big name clients such as Nike.

If you think about it, male fashion models show off clothing, and male fitness models? ...They show off muscles.

So, if you are having trouble getting your first big (or medium sized) modeling break in fashion, consider tryin a fitness modeling job as a way to network your way into high fashion.

Male fitness modeling pays much less than high fashion, but is at least some step toward "being discovered." Because any exposure is better than being an unknown in a small town... and there are not many high powered modeling agents hanging out at your gym.

Friday, July 07, 2006

MTV's 8th & Ocean: Poor Teddy

On MTV’s 8th and Ocean, young male model Teddy chooses the wrong girl. In a love triangle with Britt (the good girl) and Heidi (the bad girl and), he finds himself torn because he doesn’t know who to choose. But eventually he ends up choosing the bad girl Heidi only to get dissed when they go to the club. Heidi acts as if Teddy doesn’t exist and dances with other guys and leaves with another guy instead of him. Tough break Teddy...

How Halle Met Her Hot Boy Toy

Halle Berry first met male model Gabriel Aubry in December of 2005 while shooting the 2006 Spring and Summer ad for Versace. They made their first public appearance together at a cocktail party given by Donatella Versace. Although Halle has this new hot beau in her life, she still says that she has no intentions on remarrying. So I guess it’s safe to say that he’s just her boy toy.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Modeling Agents: Mother Agents and Personal Managers Explained

Newmodels.com offers a great explanation of what "mother agents" are, why they are needed by new male models to be placed with good modeling agencies and why a male model almost always needs new modeling photographs once the mother agent places him with a booking agency. Remember, your original photos get your placed with an modeling agency who can actually get you work. Then the modeling agency needs new photos because they know what their market and clients want. So, your initial modeling photos were not actually worthless.

Never screw over the people who got you started just because you meet a fast talking modeling agent talks bad about a mother agent from your hometown. You always meet the same people going down as you did going up in your career! Plus, you can never have too many friends in the modeling industry.

Newmodels.com writes: "The job of the Mother Agent (who might be a man, or a corporation, and might be called a “Personal Manager” instead) is to prepare you for the market and introduce you to people who can get you work. A good Mother Agent will know how to evaluate your look against the various types used in modeling, and advise you on the styling changes you need to make to appeal to the market."

Halle and Model Boyfriend adopt

Halle Berry and male model Gabriel Aubry took home a kitten on June 18th from a Malibu pet store.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Male Model Photographer Lewis Payton's Male Nudes

"Ten" is the first collection of Lewis Payton's acclaimed male photography has been released. Included is ten limited edition, frameable prints in one showcase package.

Background on the package:

Payton was working on his first coffee table book of male nudes. He’d been photographing it for a little over a year and while taking some time off in Australia, Payton decided his first book should be broader in scope.

Payton says "I don’t see beauty in just one gender, age or cultural group. But I had enough beautiful male nudes for a book, and I didn’t want them to just gather dust."

So he came up with the idea for 10, a collection of ten male photographic prints, his favorite male nudes, in one package. Payton chose ten images that reflect his ideas of masculinity and sensuality. Payton tries to capture both virility and vulnerability in his male nudes and these ten images show that theme.

Buy your copy now for $39, exclusively at lewispayton.com

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Interview with Abercrombie Model Leighton Stultz

A great website that highlights and interviews male models has posted an interview with a young male model named Leighton Stultz. Be sure to check it out Connex247. The article quotes Leighton saying "As of right now I'm working on a calendar, fitness and commercial shoots for 2007... and a small movie part..that and the shoots here and there..so stay posted and I will let you know... I am also working on a television concept.."