Friday, July 07, 2006

MTV's 8th & Ocean: Poor Teddy

On MTV’s 8th and Ocean, young male model Teddy chooses the wrong girl. In a love triangle with Britt (the good girl) and Heidi (the bad girl and), he finds himself torn because he doesn’t know who to choose. But eventually he ends up choosing the bad girl Heidi only to get dissed when they go to the club. Heidi acts as if Teddy doesn’t exist and dances with other guys and leaves with another guy instead of him. Tough break Teddy...

How Halle Met Her Hot Boy Toy

Halle Berry first met male model Gabriel Aubry in December of 2005 while shooting the 2006 Spring and Summer ad for Versace. They made their first public appearance together at a cocktail party given by Donatella Versace. Although Halle has this new hot beau in her life, she still says that she has no intentions on remarrying. So I guess it’s safe to say that he’s just her boy toy.