Saturday, November 11, 2006

Male Modeling: Caco Ricci

I have a gorgeous hottie to tell you about today. Caco Ricci, now this man is one hot looking guy and it is no wonder that he is a very popular male model. Just one look at his gorgeous face and hot body and most girls will turn to mush. Caco Ricci was born on March 23rd 1978 in San Paulo, Brazil.

Caco Ricci is one of the hottest and most promising male models to ever emerge from Brazil. Since he signed with the well known Ford Models Company, Caco has shown off his modeling talents and gorgeous good looks and hot body in such fashion trendy, beautiful countries as Italy and Brazil.

Caco is not just a handsome man; Caco Ricci has intelligence and ambition that is truly awe inspiring. He is also fluent in the Portuguese, Italian, and the English languages. Caco wants to expand his modeling career into the USA and in North America. He is interested in acting, soccer, free diving, and surfing. I am sure this handsome male model will be a big hit in the USA and we will be seeing a lot of this hunk in the future.

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