Sunday, October 29, 2006

Male Modeling: James Neate

James Neate is a male model from Vancouver Canada. He is 6’1 with brown hair and blue eyes. James Neate was discovered by Liz Bell while walking the streets of Vancouver, he was then sent to New York.

James Neate says the person he would most like to meet is Jesus. He says this is because Jesus has always been good to him.

The things that James Neate loves are simple yet comforting. These are his family, coffee and mountains. How many models can you think of who would choose these things as those they love? He also states that his parents are is inspiration.

James Neate’s hobbies are snowboarding, hockey and reading. His favorite music is Rock and Roll.

The most recent gossip about James Neate concerns his romantic life. He and Paris Hilton were seen in Los Angeles on October 13th 2006. The magazine In Touch Weekly reported that the two were seen at KOI Restaurant. James Neate is in L.A modeling for a series of fashion shoots. He was also featured in October’s issue of Details magazine.

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