Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Male Model Photographer Lewis Payton's Male Nudes

"Ten" is the first collection of Lewis Payton's acclaimed male photography has been released. Included is ten limited edition, frameable prints in one showcase package.

Background on the package:

Payton was working on his first coffee table book of male nudes. He’d been photographing it for a little over a year and while taking some time off in Australia, Payton decided his first book should be broader in scope.

Payton says "I don’t see beauty in just one gender, age or cultural group. But I had enough beautiful male nudes for a book, and I didn’t want them to just gather dust."

So he came up with the idea for 10, a collection of ten male photographic prints, his favorite male nudes, in one package. Payton chose ten images that reflect his ideas of masculinity and sensuality. Payton tries to capture both virility and vulnerability in his male nudes and these ten images show that theme.

Buy your copy now for $39, exclusively at lewispayton.com