Friday, October 20, 2006

Male Modeling: Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel was born on July 15 1979. Travis grew up on a farm in Australia. He is the youngest of his family. Travis Fimmel took a big chance when he came to Los Angeles to try to become a model. However, his gamble paid off.

Travis Fimmel is the second model to ever sign a six figure deal with Calvin Klein. It is no wonder Travis has become some popular and went on to do so much, he is an incredibly gorgeous man.

If you knew Travis Fimmel as a child you may not suspect that the skinny little country boy would grow up to be such a gorgeous guy with a body all the modeling agencies are after. Travis walked into a modeling agency in Los Angeles; they immediately liked what they saw and Travis was booking work right off.

Travis Fimmel however is just not a pretty face. He has a lot of talent. He has starred in the WB Network TV show Tarzan. He has also acted in Ravenswood, Southern Comfort and Rocky Point.

Travis Fimmel has even starred in music videos with Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson. The ladies love looking at Travis and the agencies know photographing Travis is a guaranteed money maker.