Monday, September 07, 2009

Name Recognition

We recently spoke with a top photographer who was casting a major advertising campaign. It paid very well.

The photographer was waiting for his connection in a Minneapolis airport and opened a local magazine and saw a local model who would be perfect for his ad campaign. Unfortunately, the page did not list the model's name.

The photographer returned to Los Angeles and made an effort to contact the business who had placed the ad. The photographer send two emails and left a voicemail with the company stating that he wanted to hire the "model shown in your ad."

The company never returned the photographer's calls or emails, so he had to hire some other model for his ad campaign.

So, there is some broke guy somewhere in Minneapolis who has no idea that he missed out on a trip to Los Angeles, a lot of money and a chance to go on to bigger and better things - because he forgot to ask the company who ran the ad - to list his name in the ad.

We think name recognition is a top priority when starting out as a new model, new actor, or any field that requires notoriety or name recognition. We have written some advice for new people seeking to get their careers started. We show you how to ask for your name to be published and what to say to build name recognition.

What do you think? Have you wondered who the model was who appeared in an ad? have you ever anted to offer a modeling job to a model, but been unable to know his or her name? Leave your comments and stories. We'd love to hear!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Best Way to Become Famous

Many people ask "what is the best way to become famous?" People who ask this question are looking for an easy answer and a quick way to stardom.

We have published an article on the best way to become famous. Rather than give an easy answer such as "become a singer" or "become a model" -- we give you a tip on how to make good choices - regardless of your chose field.

What about you? What do you think is the best way to get fame? What celebrities have achieved fame in a way you admire? Were those celebrities smart about their careers - or just lucky?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Become a Model Agent

We often receive emails from energetic people who want to know how to become a modeling agent. Do you take a course? is there a license?

Times are changing and modeling agencies are increasingly seen as "the middle man" that can be bypassed and eliminated. Agencies offer importance when it comes to billing, but many aspiring models are booking themselves directly with clients - rather than expend energies to get accepted into an agency.

Surprisingly, it is what you bring to the table. Do you have any skills that an agency can use? Read how to become a model agent. It is not as difficult as you may assume!

Tell us what you think. Can you find the type of fresh faces that would establish you as a top-not model scout? Where do good-looking potential models hang out?