Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's hard out here for a... Male Model?

Have you ever heard the saying, "It's hard out here for a pimp". Whoever thought that up was on some good drugs and quite mistaken. What he should have said was, "Its hard out here for a male model". Honestly, male models have it twice as hard then females. The whole weight thing has to be ten times more difficult and a million times more complicated. You can't send out an anorexic looking male model and get positive results, he might even get laughed at. Male models have a double standard because even though they have to be thin, they still have to keep up with their masculine features- to a limit. Male models have to be toned, and muscular- but not to muscular, (no one wants a body building Arnold Schwarzenegger look-a-like) because they still have to be thin and presentable. Some one too strong is intimidating and it might make viewers fill uncomfortable. O! and FYI the clothes probable wouldn't fit. Just thinking about it sounds so exhausting. I'd simply give up, or have a sex change.
For women its so much easier: the thinner the better or go plus size, but for Men being thin is crucial but its so much more than just loosing weight and having a slim figure. Most men can appreciate a healthy individual with a muscular body because with male modeling- its all about the right body type. Designers, when hiring models, are after more than just a pretty faced because, believe me sweet heart, the face can be fixed. Designers need a specific body type that fits the "look" they need to portray. For some designers the whole, "I'm on crack and haven't eaten a week" "look"... might work. For other designers the tanned, great abs, beach boy look is essential. The list goes on and on. Just exactly how do male models know what to expect when going to casting call? One should ask himself, "Today, am I going to be a tall, skinny preppy boy, or am i going to be the rough, muscular gangster that no one wants to mess with?" Who's ever going to know?
At that note, what goes the universal man look like? Who does every man want to be like? E-mail me ASAP if you have these answers at i_smiile@yahoo.com . Then after you tell me about Mr. Ideally Universal I'll be sure to research the statistics of how many men in America, or across the world for that matter that actually have these characteristics. I'll take a wild guess now and say that not many men can look at what Mr. Universal is and say, " Hey that's me!"