Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Male Modeling: Ryan Daharsh

Male Model Ryan Daharsh was born in Crete, Nebraska near Lincoln, Nebraska. Ryan Daharsh was just a country boy way before he became Ryan Daharsh Male Model. After he finished high school Ryan worked for three and a half years at a bar his uncle owned.

Ryan Daharsh first became a male model for a store called Hollister. He also modeled for the stores catalog. That is how Abercrombie and Fitch discovered him. Abercrombie and Fitch’s head of marketing Ryan Scott spotted Ryan in the catalog and asked Ryan to model for them. Ryan plans to model for Abercrombie has long as they continue to call him.

When male model Ryan Daharsh isn’t modeling he likes to spend his free time watching movies, playing play station, motor cross, and lifting weights. Ryan is 6ft 1 and 180 lbs. You can bet he gets a lot of attention from females. All one has to do is look at him to see why.

Ryan Daharsh’s future endeavors do not only include male modeling. He wants to earn a degree in business. Ryan wants to open his own gym. I’m sure their will be lined up to get into his gym. Especially if Ryan is the trainer, or even if he just struts around and works out he will the eye candy.

Male Modeling: Top 5 Male Modeling Agencies

Are you aspiring to become a male model? Did you know that becoming a male model is hard? And the model is only as good as the agency that backs him. You need to be sure to have a reputable agency backing you. Without the right connections, and making smart selections and decisions and the perfectly timed push, even the most amazing guy in the world is not going to make it in the competitive male modeling world. There are several reputable agencies for the aspiring male model. However, below I have listed the top 5.

5. Next
Contact Info
23 Watts Street, 5th floorNew York, NY, 10013
tel: 212 925 3900fax: 212 925 3905
web site: http://www.nextmodelsusa.com email: newfaces@nextmodelmanagement.com

4. Major
Contact Info
381 Park Avenue South, #1501New York, NY, 10016
tel: 212 685 1200fax: 212 683 5200
web site: http://majormodelmanagement.com email: info@majormodelmanagement.com

3. (Tied) NY Models
Contact Info
596 Broadway, 7th FloorNew York, NY, 10012
tel: (212) 539 1700
web site: http://www.newyorkmodels.com/

3. (Tied) DNA
Contact Info
520 Broadway, 11th FloorNew York, NY, 10012
tel: 212 226 0080fax: 212 226 2566
web site: http://www.dnamodels.com/ email: info@dnamodels.com

2. Ford
Contact Info
111 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, 10003
tel: 212 219-6500fax: 212 966-1531
web site: http://fordmodels.com

1. (Tied) Wilhelmina
Contact Info
300 Park Avenue South, New York, NY, 10010
tel: 212 473 0700fax: 212 473 3223
web site: http://www.wilhelmina.com

1. (Tied) IMG
Contact Info
304 Park Avenue South, 12th FloorNew York, NY, 10010tel: 212 253-8884fax: 212 253-8883
web site: http://www.imgworld.com/