Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Male modeling dont go plus size

Why are there no plus size male models?

You see, it is true that in the male modeling industry when it comes to males, its mostly about the male body. Why are there no plus size male models?

When was the belly not hot? Yhat is why women own the modeling industry... because they have the option of variety. That sucks!

As a male model, are you gay yet?

Why are 80% of male models gay? You know why?

Cause i do.

Because the male modeling industry is so competitive. Male models are constantly comparing themselves to other male models who might just look a little better and with that your constantly in competition with other male models.

This means you have men on the brain. lol

I am whiling out but anyway... its true if you are constantly around the same sex and to top it off you in competition with your looks your falling into a female genre and thats why most male models are feminine, flamboyant, and ...gay.

Nicholas Lemons: Can tattoos make or break male models?

nicholas lemons

First I want to start by saying modeling is an art.

Now, today’s discussion: can a tattoo make or break your career in modeling? Well I think it can broaden a male model's career.

For example, the Armani model NICHOLAS LEMONS this guy's whole right side is covered in tats and the most known tat he has is the wing on the right side of his chest. Which Armani always seems to show that side of his profile in pictures. So he made it his trade mark.

He has claimed his spot because once you speak of an Armani model with a wing on his chest, the first person you think of is Nicholas Lemons no doubt about especially if you are an Armani fan ...such as myself

so what do u think, can a tattoo make are brake your career in modeling?

Stay in the art
By Carl Napoleon