Thursday, June 29, 2006

Male Model Contest-Indianapolis

The selection of the 2006 AMERICA'S MALE MODEL is scheduled for July 30, 2006. The male modeling contest takes place in Indianapolis. Guys compete in: Fitness in swimsuit, Runway in casual wear, Runway in tux/suit/evening attire and Photogenic and or Portfolio. Let us know if you compete - and we will publish a profile to support you!

Joey Santos: Chef to Janice Dickinson

Joey Santos, who appears on the Janice Dickinson Show, has begun a small blog website. be sure to add your name to the automatic mailing list available on the site. You will receive an email every time he posts any info. Joey has a great deal of expereince in the Hollywood scene. So, be on the look-out!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Top Male Model: Jason Shaw

Hey Everyone! If you haven’t heard anything about male model Jason Shaw other than his brief romance with Paris Hilton, than you have definitely been missing out!

Jason Shaw is absolutely gorgeous and one of the highest paid male models in the male modeling industry. He has modeled for Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Calvin Klein and many other well known fashion designers. With his piercing blue eyes and fabulous bone structure, Jason Shaw definitely deserves more recognition.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Casting for Season Two

Attention Los Angeles guys. The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency is Casting for Season Two. Keep visiting for details.

Below is a video where Sorine auditions in underwear only...loses the job because he cannot explain anything about his tattoo and cries. AMAZING STUFF!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Modeling Agencies who advertise for new male models are often scams

It doesn't pay to sign up with modeling agencies that advertise a need for male models.

Do you see that ad every day? Why would any organization advertise for male models in a newspaper's classified section each and every day? Why would they want an unlimited number of people to respond to their ads? Remember, it takes months to develop a male model's career. So, if they key accepting new guys, they we be continually developing new careers and never earning efficient revenue from the developed talent.

There are not enough male modeling jobs in a small market such as the midwest to support thousands or even hundreds of eager people who respond to open ads. For example, if a modeling agency accepts two applicants a day for five days a week, for 52 weeks a year, they would have 730 male models!

While a legitimate modeling agency will always be adding a few new male models to its rolls, it will not be to their advantage to accept every applicant. They are too busy booking their experienced male models to interview and groom hundreds of inexperienced young guys!

All the cities combined in a midwestern state do not have a fashion talent booking market comparable to New York, Miami or Milan. Midwestern male models must compete for a limited number of male modeling jobs. While a male model in the Midwest can use professional male modeling as a way to supplement regular income, chances are it will take him a long time to earn enough to return a $450-$800 initial investment in expensive portfolios.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Abercrombie and Fitch Models who have Myspace Profiles has begun listing A&F male models who have profiles on Myspace for those of you who are fans of Myspace Models. You can see Lane & Kyle, along with Albert Reed. Be sure to check out rising star Dennis.

Please let us know if you know of other Abercrombie and Fitch male models on myspace, so we can add them to this page.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Modeling Conventions in small cities get guys hopes up

Male modeling conventions hold "open calls" to locate people and select a "few" prospects. This makes young guys get their hopes up - with the aim of getting their wallets open. Organizers tell the "finalists" that they need to pay a $600 fee to attend a modeling convention featuring big city male modeling agents brought in from larger markets.

Modeling agents from top modeling agencies in larger cities attend these conventions because they get a free vacation out of it. They rarely choose young guys from these modeling conventions.

Potential male models can reach the same agents simply by mailing simple modeling photos to the agents' home offices. (A directory of male modeling agencies in the U.S. can be purchased from Peter Glenn Publications by calling 1-800-223-1254.) If a modeling agent is interested, he or she will fly the prospect in for an interview.

The bigger question is if you are willing to leave your job at Target and your girlfriend to go live in New York or Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career?


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Small-time Modeling Agencies Sucker Young Guys into Assembly Line Shoots

Some modeling agencies in small markets who make their money off naive young guys may fly in a male model photographer from a major market such as New York or Los Angeles to impress naive young guys who want to model. The modeling agency pays the photographer $25 - $100 to photograph multiple male model. However, the agency charges the male model $400-$450 for the shoot. Male models are hurriedly photographed with a dozen or more other guys during a short period of time. This leaves little time for special attention to any one male model.

A good modeling portfolio includes different styles of photographs created by different male model photographers. Photographs in a portfolio should not all be photos from the same model photographer.


You can read more modeling tips at

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

True Life: I'm moving to New York

If any of you guys watched MTV's show True Life: I'm moving to New York, you probably saw the dumb aspiring model name Josh. Josh was an aspiring model from Wausau, Wisconsin that had an agent in New York.

There are many male models who would have jumped at the opportunities that Josh was offered. But unfortunately some guys are not as smart and appreciative as others. Throughout the whole show, Josh does many stupid things that makes you just want to slap him. One of the idiotic things he did was fall asleep in a restaurant which caused him to be late for a modeling booking. Who on earth does that!? It's one thing to over sleep -- but to fall asleep in a restaurant... that is just ridiculous!

Then he had an opportunity to model in Milan, but couldn't because he had traffic warrants. So he had to remain in Wisconsin. Now if that is not dumb... what is?


Monday, June 19, 2006

What coulda Been: Tyson Beckford

Did you know male supermodel Tyson Beckford was considered to play Angela Bassett's "kept" young man in the movie "How Stella Got Her Groove Back"? The movie was which is based on the author Terry McMillan's real life story on how she found love in Jamaica with a man 20 years her junior. Many say that this role launched the career of the actor Taye Diggs, who played Bassett's sexy Jamaican love interest. Although Tyson has appeared in several movies, he hasn't received a role that would elevate him to the leading man category. That could be because of the stereotype that goes along with modeling -- which is: Models can't do anything but look pretty. But... if Tyson would have landed the role, he might have been able to crush that myth.

Sorry Tyson!


Sunday, June 18, 2006


E television and VH1 have both named Gisele Bunchen the hottest supermodel. Gisele beat out some of the biggest names in the fashion industry like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Adriana lima, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen, and many other well known supermodels. Gisele is also the highest paid supermodel to date. E was quoted as saying that Gisele is so hot that she should not be referred to as a supermodel but at a Boobermodel.

Is Gisele the new Cindy? And will there be any newcomers that receive the same amount of exposure and money that Gisele is getting? Will there be a brand new group of models to bring back the "supermodel" age? And if so, we will start calling them "boobermodels" instead of the term we usually call them which is ... Supermodel?!

Who knows!

Only time will tell! I guess we will all have to stay tuned and see!


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Face of 2006 International Photographic Modelling Competition

The Face of 2006 International Photographic Modelling Competition is underway. We know nothing about it, however, it is free, so that is a great opportunity! Enter today...

Male Modeling Contest

Playboy's Best-Dressed Man on Campus Search

If you misseed the deadline to enter Playboy's Best-Dressed Man on Campus Search, which was May 1st, be on the lookout next year. The issue containing the selected college students will appear in the October issue.

Campus Model Search