Wednesday, June 21, 2006

True Life: I'm moving to New York

If any of you guys watched MTV's show True Life: I'm moving to New York, you probably saw the dumb aspiring model name Josh. Josh was an aspiring model from Wausau, Wisconsin that had an agent in New York.

There are many male models who would have jumped at the opportunities that Josh was offered. But unfortunately some guys are not as smart and appreciative as others. Throughout the whole show, Josh does many stupid things that makes you just want to slap him. One of the idiotic things he did was fall asleep in a restaurant which caused him to be late for a modeling booking. Who on earth does that!? It's one thing to over sleep -- but to fall asleep in a restaurant... that is just ridiculous!

Then he had an opportunity to model in Milan, but couldn't because he had traffic warrants. So he had to remain in Wisconsin. Now if that is not dumb... what is?


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