Sunday, June 25, 2006

Modeling Agencies who advertise for new male models are often scams

It doesn't pay to sign up with modeling agencies that advertise a need for male models.

Do you see that ad every day? Why would any organization advertise for male models in a newspaper's classified section each and every day? Why would they want an unlimited number of people to respond to their ads? Remember, it takes months to develop a male model's career. So, if they key accepting new guys, they we be continually developing new careers and never earning efficient revenue from the developed talent.

There are not enough male modeling jobs in a small market such as the midwest to support thousands or even hundreds of eager people who respond to open ads. For example, if a modeling agency accepts two applicants a day for five days a week, for 52 weeks a year, they would have 730 male models!

While a legitimate modeling agency will always be adding a few new male models to its rolls, it will not be to their advantage to accept every applicant. They are too busy booking their experienced male models to interview and groom hundreds of inexperienced young guys!

All the cities combined in a midwestern state do not have a fashion talent booking market comparable to New York, Miami or Milan. Midwestern male models must compete for a limited number of male modeling jobs. While a male model in the Midwest can use professional male modeling as a way to supplement regular income, chances are it will take him a long time to earn enough to return a $450-$800 initial investment in expensive portfolios.