Friday, June 23, 2006

Modeling Conventions in small cities get guys hopes up

Male modeling conventions hold "open calls" to locate people and select a "few" prospects. This makes young guys get their hopes up - with the aim of getting their wallets open. Organizers tell the "finalists" that they need to pay a $600 fee to attend a modeling convention featuring big city male modeling agents brought in from larger markets.

Modeling agents from top modeling agencies in larger cities attend these conventions because they get a free vacation out of it. They rarely choose young guys from these modeling conventions.

Potential male models can reach the same agents simply by mailing simple modeling photos to the agents' home offices. (A directory of male modeling agencies in the U.S. can be purchased from Peter Glenn Publications by calling 1-800-223-1254.) If a modeling agent is interested, he or she will fly the prospect in for an interview.

The bigger question is if you are willing to leave your job at Target and your girlfriend to go live in New York or Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career?


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