Friday, July 14, 2006

Male Modeling & Acting: Audition Notices Often Are Vague

Whenever a male model who wants to act receives a casting notice or audition notice, the producers put very little information in the audition notice about the production. They might provides "sides" - which are lines actors read at auditions.

Usually, they only list a short amount info for each character they are casting.

For example: "Teddy, 18-24 male, caucasian. Frat boy type. Teddy is the high school jock who learns a lesson about respect after his father dies"

That's it. That is all an actor has to draw upon.

Trouble is: insecure actors and models always ask for more info before they proceed - wanting more details. They say: "I will call you later to get more information".

However, there is no more info.

Producers do not have a vested interest in telling their competition about their production or print campaign - just to "convince" an actor to submit initial pics. If talent do not want to do the job, they can turn it down later - after the producer tells them more about the role.

If you are a beginning actor or model, submit for the role and decide the details later. Asking for details early on makes more work for your agent or manager - and he is likely to tend to push roles in the future to actors who do not make extra work for him.

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