Thursday, July 06, 2006

Modeling Agents: Mother Agents and Personal Managers Explained offers a great explanation of what "mother agents" are, why they are needed by new male models to be placed with good modeling agencies and why a male model almost always needs new modeling photographs once the mother agent places him with a booking agency. Remember, your original photos get your placed with an modeling agency who can actually get you work. Then the modeling agency needs new photos because they know what their market and clients want. So, your initial modeling photos were not actually worthless.

Never screw over the people who got you started just because you meet a fast talking modeling agent talks bad about a mother agent from your hometown. You always meet the same people going down as you did going up in your career! Plus, you can never have too many friends in the modeling industry. writes: "The job of the Mother Agent (who might be a man, or a corporation, and might be called a “Personal Manager” instead) is to prepare you for the market and introduce you to people who can get you work. A good Mother Agent will know how to evaluate your look against the various types used in modeling, and advise you on the styling changes you need to make to appeal to the market."

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